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Find Joy in the Little Things... Even One Ornery Cat...

Yes.  It's been one of those days....

I've been working like crazy to prepare for my Etsy Store's Grand Opening, right?. 

 So after 3 days, I've almost completed this watercolor painting.... 

(notice the brownish stains?  keep reading)

Oh, you can find the finished print

... so this morning Sour Puss, my kitty cat, decides to play with my bucket of dirty paint WATER!  

Yep, she spilled it all over the painting.

Guess I'll have to to repair it in Photoshop.

A kitty only a mama could love...

OK, so maybe I'll forgive her.


  1. You know you'll forgive her..Your fault !!!

    1. Yes it was my fault! LOL!! I usually set it up when I walk away from my desk. That will teach me. hehe

      How could I not forgive that cute little pink nosed kitty! Thanks so much for stopping by Missy!