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Gardening For Granny

One of my favorite gardening bloggers is a sweet, spunky and extremely knowledgeable lady with years of experience, that her avid followers affectionately call "Granny". If you've not heard about Granny, you're definitely missing out. You can check out her blog at Annie's Kitchen Garden and don't forget to check out her Gardening Tips posts. My favorite is how to make Seed Mats.

Recently, our gardener's blogging world was terribly saddened by the sudden news that this beautiful lady had been diagnosed with cancer. Amazingly, this strong and serenely self-possessed woman was concerned that she may not be able to work a garden this year, so a faithful follower at Two Men and a Little Farm, a great blog in it's own right, came up with the idea to show Granny how much we love and support her by dedicating our gardens to her this year. Just in case I forgot, thank you so much for coming up with this very touching and brilliant idea 1st Man.

Our belief in "Gardening for Granny" this year, is that our support just might help to arm and prepare her to fight this cancer dragon head on with as much physical and emotional strength possible during the biggest battle of her life!

~Help Us Support Granny~

Our hope, is that you'll join us in supporting Granny anyway you can.  Here are a few suggestions:
  • Lift her up in prayer and submit prayer requests to other prayer warriors.
  • Send her universal love and light and ask others to do the same.
  • Send her positive energy to strengthen her body and soul and ask others to do the same.

~Show Granny Your Support~
  • "Gardening for Granny" Button-  If you're a gardener (or not) and would like to display the "Gardening for Granny" button on your website or blog, you can grab the button html code and insert it into your website or blog.  (code and instructions below)
  • Post and Share-  You can also post it as its own stand alone blog entry and tell your readers that you are "Gardening for Granny". (just right click to save the image and add it to your webpage or blog.)

Whether you post the button or not, please be sure to leave a comment on the dedicated post here  to let Granny know that you're supporting her.

Here's how to install "Gardening for Granny" button on your Blog:

(Remember these directions are for "Blogger")
  • Grab one of the buttons by copying the html code below the image size you prefer.
  • Open your blogger account and go to layout.
  • Choose add a gadget.
  • Choose HTML.
  • Paste the code into the box.
  • Click Save.

210 pixels wide

275 pixels wide

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