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Help On How To Apply Your Etsy Coupon Code

I want to thank everyone who have shopped with me to date. I am so grateful for all your love and support!

Question:  Some of you have expressed an interest in purchasing from my Etsy shop, Gammy's House Designs, but are unsure of how to apply the Etsy Coupon Code, so I thought I would compose some easy step by step instructions image to show you how it works.

Answer: A visual aid... hehe... go figure.  (smile)  

Be sure to click on the blue "Apply Coupon Code" circled in red.

Question: I've also been asked if you can purchase from Etsy without opening an account.

Answer: Unfortunately at this time, you do have to open an account to purchase from Etsy, although I offer many of the same items in my Etsy shop at my online Gallery Shop too.  Hopefully, you can find what you're looking for here.  Gallery Shop.  If you can't, just drop a message in my e-mailbox.  (link above)  I'll be happy to accommodate.

Hope that answers your questions!

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