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Let's Go Fly A Kite- DIY- How to Make a Kite and Free Printable Kite Pattern

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When my children were young I was always in search of fun outdoor activities to do with kids.  My son loved to go fly a kite at our neighborhood park.   Then... I thought of a great DIY craft idea!  If you love winning Do It Yourself projects as much as I do, I thought it would be loads of fun to create something fun to do with kids and grandchildren celebrating the last day of 

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for my neighbors in Gammy's House Neighborhood.

So.. TA DA... here it is

How to Build a Kite

free printable kite pattern typography
free digital download how to build a kite illustration

Be sure to print out these instructions and your Printable Free Kite Pattern (below)

First things first...

Necessary Parts of A Kite

A Kite Consists of These Basic Parts:
  • The Spine- The vertical stick or dowel on your kite frame.
  • The Spar-  Is the support (horizontal) stick or dowel on your kite frame.  It crosses the spine.
  • The Cover- Is simply the cloth, paper or plastic you use to cover your kite.
  • The Bridle- This is the string attached to the spine or spar on your kite. 
  • The Line- The string or twine you hold and is attached to your kite on the other end.
  • The Tail- The tail is the string with ribbons attached that helps to balance your kite.
  • The Reel- Like a fishing reel, it holds the line for your kite.

How To Make Your Own Kite

Supplies You’ll Need:

  • Thin material, plastic like a strong trash bag or strong paper like brown butcher paper.
  • 2 wooden dowels or sticks, 48 inches (121cm) and 36 inches (91cm) long.
  • Strong tape like duct tape or electrical tape.
  • Kite string, any strong string like butcher string, garden twine or fishing line

Tools To Have On Hand:

  • Measuring Tape- to find the center of the spine and spar
  • Pencil- to mark the center of the spine and spar
  • Scissors- to cut string and cover material  

Now that you know the important parts of a kite, download (right click-save as) the

 Kite Plans Template 

 and gather all the supplies you'll will need. Ready? Let's get started.

Make a Kite- DIY Instructions- 4 Easy Steps

That's right!  Just 4 simple steps to build a great kite! 

  1. Build the Frame- Measure and mark the spine and spar centers with a pencil to make sure the centers match up.  Attach the spine and spar at right angles with sturdy string or twine.  (see kite pattern illustration).  Fasten together by wrapping the twine in a criss-cross pattern around the spine and spar a few times.  Tie off the string and secure with a bit of glue. Attach string with strong tape or glue at the tip of the spine top.  You make cut a notch in the tip to help hold the string in place before securing. Continue in same manner around the kite securing the string at tips of both ends of  the spine and spar.  (see kite pattern illustration)   
  2. Cover the Frame- lay your frame face down on your cover material.  Trim the material around the frame leaving about 2 inches for a seam.  Fold the seam over the string frame and secure with glue. 
  3. Make the Bridle- At the top of the kite, poke a very small hole in the kite paper or material for the bridle string.  (see kite pattern illustration)  Thread one end of strong twine through the hole and tie to spine.  Measure enough string to have 7-8 inches of space when lifting the bridle string away from the kite.  Cut the string, thread through second hole tie to spine (see kite pattern illustration) and secure with glue.
  4. Make a Tail- This is simple.  Just use scrap material and cut a long strip to 3-4 inches by about 2 yards.  Use extra material and cut small strips to 12" by 2" and tie them in a knot at 2 foot intervals  to the long tail material. Your Done! 

time to decorate your kite




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